NODE is an initiative undertaken by a community of management practitioners, consultants, and academic researchers aiming to enhance their intervention and research proficiency, as well as practical experience through peer interaction and mutual support. NODE is an affiliate of the International Society of Organization Development and Change (ISODC) based in the US.

NODE is an initiative of SEPT NGO.



Our Vision

Develop performing organizations as building blocks for a prosperous and inclusive society.


Our Mission

To actively engage in the evolution of organizations, private and public, through continuous development and enhanced management practice.

What We Do

NODE promotes the science and practice of organizational development and change in academia, business, and civil society organizations.

NODE members engage in field work, and research and publications, to create awareness and to enhance the practice of organizational development in all facets of society.

NODE is an open community that welcomes professionals and researcher-practitioners who base their research on direct observations and field interactions, willing to share their knowledge and experience, and are open to discuss them with peers.

NODE’s responsibilities include organizing events, promoting member publications, ensure continuity, and collaborate with external parties.

Why We Do It

Knowledge creation is both individual and social. Exchanging experiences and sharing resources enhances learning and innovation, sustains motivation and passion, and facilitates the publication process.

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