Pierre El Haddad

Pierre EL HADDAD, PhD, DBA, MBA, Eng., Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow

Organization Science Researcher, and Professor of Management at Saint Joseph University. Chair and Founder of NODE and President of SEPT NGO. In academia after years of experience in business, media, civil society, and public affairs. Selective consultant in Organizational Development, Strategy, Sustainability, and Restructuring. Volunteer firefighter, tree planter, marathoner, opera, and ballet enthusiast.Deontic Libertarian, firm believer in liberating people, managerially and politically.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pierreelhaddad/

Gabriel Habib

Gabriel Habib is a management consultant, entrepreneur, and member of both, NODE and SEPT NGO. In addition to having initiated two technology startups, he works with senior executives to help identify real business issues and challenges, and creatively draws insightful solutions that unlock value within organizations as well as enhances their performance. His consulting work covers various industries including financial and oil & gas. His fields of interest include financial trading and investments, technology, public service, astronomy, and music.

Gabriel holds an MBA in Finance from NYU, New York and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Indiana University, USA.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabriel-habib-4695727/

Elias Ghaleb

Elias Ghaleb is a Doctor of Business Administration. He is an IT system administrator, in a Lebanese bank, with an intensive background in business management and organizational development, in addition to a wide experience in integrating IT in the business process to preserve agility, sustainability, and long-term continuity.

He is also an intervention research practitioner in the field of business administration in revealing daily dysfunctions and hidden costs and recognizing needs for organizations to facilitate change management in procedures and increase financial and economic performance. He worked in academia, for three consecutive years, as a University lecturer within the business faculty by providing several major courses.

Maître Georges Hanna

Attorney At Law – Beirut Bar Association
Experienced legal adviser in Commercial Law, real estate and rental laws,
family laws, and corporate advisory. Member of several civil society
organizations with interest in community development.

Sabine El Riachy

Sabine El Riachy is a Business Development Lead in the pharmaceutical industry.  Sabine has more than 10 years of experience in FMCG and pharmaceutical sales and marketing, and more specifically in generic drugs.

Sabine is active in the health and environmental fields and is committed to creating change in her community through awareness and activities initiating individual social responsibility.

Sabine holds an executive MBA from ESA Business School and a Master’s degree in Chemistry from the Lebanese University.

Mireille Daaboul

Mireille Daaboul is a lecturer of economics and finance at the American University of Technology, she holds a doctorate in business administration from University Jean Moulin Lyon 3. Obtained her master’s in business administration from Lebanese American University and her bachelor degree in business administration and economics from Richmond American International University in London.

Mireille was appointed at several academic institutions in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, that entailed her to gain cross-cultural work experience and build connections with multinational student body.

Mireille’s economic background triggered her interest to research “Family-Owned Businesses” the catalyst of the economic system due to their role in creating new jobs, and promoting economic development. Her interest is to contribute to a deeper understanding of family business transformational capabilities for new management practices and human capital development for sustainability and growth.

Hilda Bairamian

Education: Holding “Licence en Gestion” and a Master’s degree in “Production Management” from Saint Joseph University of Beirut, and an M.B.A from AUB.

Doctorat  Es  Sciences de la Gestion from: «Université  de Montesquieu» Bordeaux IV.

Professional experience: Professor in marketing and management at Saint Joseph University – School of  Business and Management (Beirut). Responsible of developing and implementing the Business programs at USEK and La Sagesse University.

Teaching in the field of hospitality management and marketing in France at: Institut Maxims (Paris); Institut Europeen de Management International, Institut Superieur de Gesion (ISG) Universite de Perpignan.

Consulting in hospitality in Lebanon and Armenia.

President of the business alumni of Saint Joseph University (ADG: Association des Anciens Gestionnaires).

Involved in volunteer activities to support the transition of the Armenian economy to market economy. Responsible of the marketing and management training modules at CEMA (Centre de Management Armenien).

Involved in the Armenian community social and educational life in Lebanon. Member in committees, working in close collaboration with the Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon.

Co-Founder of “Atamant” International Consulting company.

Research interest in the field of NGO Management, consumer behavior.

Roula Chehab

Roula Chehab is a Marketing, Branding and OD Consultant.  She is also a lecturer in the Faculty of Business Administration at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut, and a self-taught Conceptual Artist, Photographer, and Miniaturist.

A slash profile who sees her career as a crossroad of divergent streams rather than a pathway. Her consultancy practice naturally followed her corporate career as a Marketing Director in reputable companies such as Inkript, Resource Holding, and Libanpost.

Armed with over two decades of experience in business, education, and conceptual arts; she decided to create a space of thought that transcends the frames of her professions and hobbies and explore the realm of creative and design thinking.

Her aim today is to help develop action-oriented creative endeavors to stir a new dynamic, the dynamic of Creative Transformation.

Shant Estepan

Shant Estepan is a Senior IT Professional and Instructor in Computer Science and Information Systems at Haigazian University, USJ, EduDMG, ALLC and New Horizons. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration, BS in Computer Science, and certifications in Microsoft and Cisco.

After years of experience in Information Technology, university level teaching and administering IT projects in Lebanon and the Gulf region, Shant now advises companies on Technology Systems development. He also offers a wide range of workshops on Microsoft Office and Windows, Web and App Development, Social Media editing, and Basic Computer Literacy.

He has published conference articles on Factors That Influence Information Communication Technology Usage by Private University Instructors in Lebanon and The Visual Discourse of Food and Its Impact on Health: Research and Practical Implications.

Shant is also an active member of the Armenian National Education Committee and the Lebanese Standards Institution (Libnor).

Marwa Halwani

Marwa Halwani is a senior business administration student enrolled at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut, with a great passion headed mostly towards the fields of management consultancy and research under the supervision of Dr. Haddad.

Marwa participated in the conference held by ISEOR on the 8th of October 2020, in Lyon, France.  She also interned over a 4-month period as a researcher and consultant at S.E.P.T, in collaboration with the Saint Joseph University of Beirut, ISEOR and APAVE, in a project aiming to explore and enhance the work performance of the Lebanese municipalities.

Gaetana Abi Saab

Gaetana Abi Saab is an Associate Consultant co-leading on OD interventions and business development at MACH Consultants.

Gaetana has a strong background in grant management, monitoring & evaluation, and project management with social enterprises and non-governmental organizations in Lebanon.

Robin Richa 

Robin Richa joined Arcenciel in January 2014 as departments’ director to become Chief Executive Officer two years later. Arcenciel is a non-profit organization founded since 1985, dedicated to support Lebanon’s most underprivileged and marginalized communities, and to promote diversity, inclusion, and sustainable development. It has five core programs: Agriculture & Environment, Mobility & Health, Responsible Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Youth Empowerment and Employment, and Social Support.

Robin is spearheaded the transformation of Arcenciel from non-profit into the largest independent social enterprise in Lebanon.

Robin holds an Executive MBA from ESA Business School and a BS of Computer Science from the Lebanese America University in Lebanon.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/robin-richa-231b7912

Jeffery Abou Hamad

Jeffrey Abou Hamad is a multimodal logistics professional, and supply chain university professor.

He volunteers in the Civil Defense since 2006 and was appointed Fire Chief of Achrafieh Station in 2020 after the Beirut Port Blast.

Jeffrey is a DBA candidate, and holds degrees from multiple disciplinary studies, notably: Master in Law as well as Business Administration, and Bachelor Degrees in Actuarial and Financial Sciences. He also completed a leadership certification from Georges Washington University.

His current research focusing on the “Logistics Last Mile” draws on his divers’ expertise and studies.

Dr. Rana Sawaya

Dr. Rana Sawaya has been working in the Higher Education industry for the last 24 years in Lebanon and in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France. She acquired her master’s degree in Business Administration from the Lebanese American University (LAU) and her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Balamand.
She has held key positions since 2010, such as the Admission & Registration Directorship at the of University College of Bahrain, and in 2020 the position of Registrar at the University College of Bahrain.
In addition to her administrative positions, she is an Assistant Professor at the Business Administration program teaching various management and marketing courses for both MBA and the undergraduate department. She believes that success is everybody’s dream, but to make it happen, one should expand his/her dreams outside their borders.

Lulu Nahle

Lulu Nahle is a Healthcare Professional with 9 years’ experience in the healthcare field. During that period, she was able to encompass healthcare from its different perspectives; a Bed-side Registered Nurse, an Infection Control Manager, a Quality and Standardization Manager, and currently a Healthcare Project Development Coordinator.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Nursing Science, a Master’s in Healthcare Quality Management, and she is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) from the NAHQ.

She is a passionate believer that research is the cornerstone to deeply understand the interaction of the stakeholders in healthcare system, and scientifically improve and reform the system towards better processes, predictable outcomes, increased efficiency, improved access, and safety.

Georges Maroun

Georges Maroun is a business administration graduate, CMA candidate, and agri-business owner.  A member of RISE conference organizing committee, he is responsible for the online submission platform.

Georges is a two-time champion of Lebanon in boxing and martial arts, basketball amateur, nature lover, and reading enthusiast.

Nala Makkouk

A highly Dynamic Professional, and Humanitarian, exceptionally talented in Employer branding, Training design and Events’ consultancy with a strategic focus, to better serve major Institutional stakeholders, contributing to a robust corporate culture, while leading to enhance reputation of working Institutions.

Nala has a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Balamand, a Higher Diploma in Business & Finance from Beirut Arab University, and a certificate in Strategic Communication from the American University of Beirut.  Nala also attended a Virtual Training of Trainers workshop at the Education Development Center in Washington D.C.

Fahimeh McGregor

Doctor Fahimeh McGregor (Zaeri) is the owner and founder of DELTA Informed Decisions which focuses Process, Data, and People. Fahimeh is committed to leading teams to improve business performance and productivity by developing a data strategy and using analytical solutions. The aim is to enable business to make better informed decisions.

Fahimeh works with businesses across a range of industries to streamline processes, empower decisions-making with data-lead insights, and embed a culture of continuous improvement.

Fahimeh has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, a master of science degree in Design Process Management from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Engineering – Technology solutions (Simulation Methods) for Process and Productivity Improvement from Auckland University of Technology.

Fahimeh is also certified in Data Driven Decisions from PWC, has a course diploma in Process Automation (Robotic Process Automation – Satarter) from Uipath Academy, and has attended a course in Data Science, which is part of the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Analysis provided by edX.

Maurice Mouawad

A top tier business leader with excellent strategic experience in business and project management at global level, cutting across business verticals. Maurice brings an assortment of experiences at high-end levels in the private sector, strategizing on digital transformation, and helps developing policies on the subject.

An entrepreneur by instinct, a social vibrant and a proud father, advocating economic impact and sustainability.

Maurice enjoys engineering and developing business opportunities while collaborating and matchmaking stakeholders, building bonds and raising awareness on activities that can generate positive spillovers.

Accredited by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, The project Management institute and Columbia business school for Digital Strategies, doctorate studies in business administration, and a master’s degree in Computer Science.

Youssef Sfeir

Youssef is an Attorney-At-Law, Mediator, Strategist & a Red Cross Humanitarian activist. He serves as a Legal Adviser to the United Nations, a Board member of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, and a member of the Beirut Bar Association.

He worked in various capacities with UNDP, Mercy Corps, International Federation of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), MEPI, & LADE.

He offers proactive advice that brings unconventional creative solutions to substantive pressing issues in legal & political affairs, organizational development, strategy & policy design, disaster law & management, Human Rights, and administrative matters.

He is a silver certified commander in disaster management, and a certified trainer in Organizational Capacity & Certification Assessment (OCAC), Corporate/NGOs Governance, Project Planning Process (PPP), Tactical Leadership in time of Crisis, Humanitarian Principles & Values, and International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

Youssef holds a master’s degree in International Affairs & Diplomacy, a BS in Lebanese Law, and a BS in Comparative Law.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/youssefsfeir/

Ghada Zein

Ghada Zein is a National Surveyor for the implementation of quality improvement standards in the Primary Health Care Sector in Lebanon.

Ghada is an Expert Reviewer for the Accreditation standards in Lebanon, a Peer Reviewer for the Leading Practices of the Canadian Health Standard Organization (HSO), member of the Lebanese Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare (LSQSH) and of the British Academy of Management.

She currently works in a private Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) as the Director of Health and Social Services. She also manages several health and development projects targeting vulnerable populations, in collaboration with WHO, UNICEF, NORWAC, the Sovereign Order of Malta, International Medical Corps, Italian Cooperation, Help Age International, and Catholic Relief Services.

Ghada teaches at private universities since 2003 and is a mentor in the academic platforms of the American University of Beirut, Saint-Joseph University and Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom.