Research with Impact for Society and the Enterprise

#RISE2022 Conference

“Organization Development as Explicit or Implicit Practice”.

Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 November 2022

2nd Annual conference organized by:

Saint Joseph University in Beirut


NODE-Network of Organizational Development Experts


Sponsored by:


Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 November 2022

Hybrid format, simultaneous synchronous online and in-person at

Saint Joseph University in Beirut, CIS, Beirut, Lebanon


Conference chair: Dr. Pierre El Haddad

A sovereign ceiling constrains the development of organizations. The human impulse that breeds the enterprise, for-profit or non-profit, is rather inhibited than nurtured by the systems of collective administration. Enterprises, voluntary associations, and citizen actions, intertwine with public agencies to form an open systems society. The weaknesses of one sector overburden the others, particularly when governments are ineffective, businesses are underperforming, and civil society disoriented. As a result, the distance between the human condition and the human potential is persistent. It remains unhindered by isomorphic mechanisms and incongruous theories ruling the private and public sectors. Changing the way companies, organizations, citizen associations, communities, and most notably, government, function is a requisite to elevating the human condition.


The apparent consensus about the need to change is replete with demands aimed at structure, whether intangible, such as laws and standards, or tangible, like information technology and physical infrastructure. However, the continuous and sustainable change required to navigate the ever-morphing world, requires an organic development of structure and agency.


Management as science and practice is called upon to play this role. Particularly, i) to develop the dynamic and the capabilities of human systems through inclusive and empowering processes. ii) to touch the ensemble of the constituents, the structures, and the interactions between them. Management permeates all organization functions in all sectors of society implicitly and/or explicitly.


Keeping the focus on nurturing human talent and wellbeing, prosperity and sustainability, this conference invites management scholars and practitioners to share their papers addressing business cases, non-profits, government administrations, but also, social, and environmental issues. For the sake of example, social issues could relate to inclusivity, gender equity, digital literacy, citizen engagement, and many others, and natural environment issues, like water responsibility, forest management, biodiversity conservation, solid waste management, energy transition, etc.


The conference committee invites papers that demonstrate relevance and originality with profound fieldwork and elaborated literature. Although not conditional, the committee favors authorship inclusive of field representatives, and invites scholars, practitioners, and doctoral students to submit their papers, consulting cases, and doctoral research abstracts before September 15, 2022, and their full papers before September 30, 2022.



Submission guidelines:

  • Manuscripts should follow the APA 7th edition style, not exceed 40 pages (all inclusive), be double spaced, and use the font “times new roman 12”.
  • Two separate word documents should be submitted:
    • A title page that includes the title of the article, the author(s) name(s), their affiliation(s) and their full contact details.
    • An anonymous manuscript that does not mention the authors’ details.

Submitting authors are invited to review at least one manuscript.